Tuesday, 27 May 2014

HOW TO: Winged Eye Liner

(Silly screen shot photo)
I've been wanting to post a eye liner tutorial since I've started my blog really, however found it too awkward to picture! So trying out the new video camera I have (Possible Youtube Channel?) I thought I'd film it and take screen shots of how I apply my winged 'cat eye' eye-liner.

So as a bit of a back story, I have been wearing eye liner since I was about 12-13 so I've had my years of playing around and learning what works and what doesn't. So here is my current way I do my winged eye liner which is a little different to the usual I see YouTubers do theirs, But this is adapted to me and my eye shape as I find my eyes looked prettier and more defined this way :}

Anyway this post was inspired after my friends asking me how I do my my eye liner after posting this photo on my Instagram:

So without further ado let's get started! 


The eye liner I used is the Primark's make up brand 'P.s love' felt eye liner pen. I never expected to love this after receiving one for Christmas from my mum, But I fell in love with the quality of it and how long it lasted on me! I have since repurchased it twice.

And it only costs £1.50 lovely!

And if you want to read a full review than this lovely blog has one here.

How to:
First I hold down my eye lid with one hand, while drawing a thin line just beyond the halfway mark of my lid, I find this the easiest way to draw the inner line with out it becoming too thick.

Next with an open eye I draw the end of the line make sure that the line is even and straight.

First I mark where I want the wing to go. If you struggling you can use a ruler like object to help draw a straight line. Its how I started and with practise you will find yourself drawing straight lined eye liner in no time.

Then I start filling in the area and shape of the wing. It's here where you can choose to have a thick or thin wing.

Once filled in I then extend the wing to my desired length, however if you are happy with how it turned out the step before then do not worry about this step.

Once my wing is drawn I then go back on myself in order to fully connect the wing to my top liner so it all looks neat and blended.

And that is your first eye completed.

Now do the same to the other eye.

Also look up to check it is even to the other eye (as much as you possibly can.) Obviously it impossible to achieve complete symmetrical eye liner however again with practise you can get pretty close. If it's not even you can take a  make up wipe and gently wipe at the wing to correct it.

Pulling a derpy face, but that's it, We're done!:D

This was a get ready with me video I  filmed after I got out the shower testing out my camera, so to finish off this look I added mascara, cheek and lip products as well as blow drying my hair!

(blurry screen shot:c I promise the video quality is amazing)

Unfortunately I have no intentions in uploading this exact video to YouTube, however I am definietly considering starting my YouTube channel hmmmm..

I hope you found this useful and if you tried this out or have a different tutorial your self then link it below as I'd love to check it out.

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Until next time, have a beautiful day