Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Easy DIY: Eye Shadow Primer! (Concealer based)

Hello beautiful's!
And today I am showing you how I made my own eye shadow base which matches my skin tone exactly! Now I've made mine very concealer based (about 85%) due to my personal preference and also due to the fact that concealer is better at covering veins around the eye. I also decided to set my primer to a harden one but you can change a few steps to make a runny one instead if you prefer.

How to make a Eye Shadow Base:


In text form:

Ladle - Most kitchens have them!
Foundation- Your everyday foundation or one in your shade
Tooth Picks-Most kitchens have them or in supermarkets
Concealer stick- You everyday concealer or found for £1 in drug stores
Candle- Most homes have one or cheap in supermarkets
Empty containers-Found in the travel section of most drug stores/supermarkets


You will need to cut off a large proportion of your concealer stick and melt it over the candle in the ladle. Don't use all your concealer as you may need it if you made any mistakes or need to start over!

Melt until it's runny texture. Use your tooth picks to stir it around. Do not leave it on the flame for too long as you may burn it and ruin it!

Now I added some foundation from my ' Super Stay Better Skin'. This will help the concealer last longer as I'm using a cheap £1 concealer stick, it will also make the overall texture less thick and it helps the colouring match your skin tone. I added a few drops but if you are wanting a runnier texture use less concealer and more foundation, you can also add some unscented lotion to make the texture stay runnier if that's what you are going for. But do not add lots of foundation if you are wanting to set and harden it.

Once the foundation has been added and mixed in with the tooth pick it is then a race against time to get it in the container! This is due to me using mainly concealer sticks meaning it can begin to harden very quickly!

Once poured in I actually used a back of a spoon to flatten and neaten the surface of the primer and then left it in the freezer for 30 minutes.

And ta dah! A super easy to make and cheap eye shadow primer that will keep your eye shadow in place and looking more vibrant for even longer! And just to show you the kind of difference it can make, I did swatches of it with an unbranded light blue eye shadow and Urban Decay dark eye shadow (Naked 2 palette Pistol).Obviously you would normally add the primer all over you eye and blended in well. 

(The edges of the primer swatch would of needed to be blended in more if it was actually on your eye)

It's now a lot more portable and nicer to apply! Adding your favourite and better foundation also makes it more compatible with your skin.(Less angry break outs!) This is totally individual to you as you can set it and make a hard product or add lotion to make it runny. You can also change the colours to any skin tone or even use white! And the best thing is that you don't even have to go out and buy things for this DIY it can done with goods found around most homes.

I hope you enjoyed this simple DIY! If you had ago your self tell me about it below!
Have a beautiful day :)
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