Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Batiste Dry Shampoo with a hint of colour in Light and Blonde review!

So it's been a while since I've done a full review! And today I'm reviewing the Batiste now with a hint of colour. Now I've always used and loved Batiste and I've also previously reviewed the normal Batiste here.

Now this product got bought for me so I didn't actually get to look at the price. However after doing some research online I found these to be £3.99 which is within the usual reasonable price range for Batiste however it's a pound extra than the normal Batiste products in the same size, so it's hopeful that you're paying for quality.

The overall main attraction to this product was the hint of colour compared to the usual white powdery substance that does sometimes get left on your hair when sprayed a little too close. I've also read previous positive reviews on the product on how many used this on their roots to maintain the blonde, which left me very excited to try it for my self as the longer the time is between bleaches,the better it is on my hair. 

Yet to my disappointment I found it does not cover your roots but instead leaves a bright yellowy tone on my dark root and scalp and rubbing in didn't do it any good. So when sprayed instead of leaving a white substance like other products the Light and Blonde Batiste leaves a rather unnatural yellow substance, which I was very gutted about.

On the other hand if creating and maintaining highlights with this is your goal and you're willing to work with it I find this to be very good and achievable! When first sprayed on (from the recommended 30 cm away) it may look a bit yellow as before, however massaging it in with your finger tips on already light blonde hair will create some nice streaks and also leave your hair looking brighter and  refreshed. As pictured below:

In terms of scent I wouldn't say its as nice than other Batiste products but it does have a hint of freshness to it! Over all this product to achieves the same qualities as other dry shampoo products such as getting rid of greasiness to hair, giving you volume and feeling cleaner!

So if you're planning on using this product for root touch ups as rumoured than I have to disagree based on my experiences. However if a clean and fresh look with hints of blonde is what you desire than I have to recommend this product to you! However I do believe it will work better on lighter blondes than darker shades.

This product is also available in 3 others shades including: Medium & Brunette, Dark & Deep Brown and Vibrant & Red! However I cannot personally try out and review these other colours as I have the wrong hair colour but there are other reviews online about the other colours!
So I hope you'll find this review helpful, and if you have reviewed, tried out or have an opinion about this product then please comment below as I'd love to read about you experiences!
Have a beautiful day!