Monday, 24 March 2014

Sunday Night: Chilled out night routine!

Hello beautiful's! C:

Again another delayed post however it is mock exam weeks so I am currently drowning in college work however I thought with all the stressful time approaching then why not share my Sunday night weekly chill out pamper night. So here's some of the things I enjoy to do on a Sunday night:

1. Face mask!
Nothing can beat how fresh and clean your face feels after a relaxing face mask! Even if you have to put up with the dry stiff face for a few minutes but it is definitely worth it when you are left with a soft and nice smelling skin.

2. Bath Goodies

Making extra effort with your bath by treating your self to some Soap and Glory bath goods such as the new Pre-bed time Bath Float! Or keep it simple with a floral bath bomb (I haven't tried the lush bath bombs yet). The options are endless!

3. Hair Treats

Looking after your hair and keeping it in good condition is very important! Otherwise you'll end up with horrible dead hair that will most likely end up in a horrible short hair cut (Trust me I've been there). So why not treat your hair to a hair mask? Or maybe try out a new product like I did with the Soap and Glory hair conditioner which smells and makes my hair feel amazing, so I am definitely going to purchase the full size product:)

4. Nails!
Getting your nails all done looking all nice and pretty for the start of the week and going back to college is something I really enjoy to do! I enjoy picking and choosing new colours and designs I decide to go with for that week! But recently I have been liking spring pastels colours, my matte top coat and Sally Hansen nail strips.

5. Candles and Incense sticks!

To really get in the relaxed and chilled vibe then I recommend incense sticks and candles to make your room smell amazing and creates pretty dim lighting. My current favourite candle is the raspberry and papaya candle from Primark because its exotic fruity scent makes me excited for summer!

6. Bubble bath!

And last but not least the ultimate chill out time you can have is in a relaxing bubble bath! Make it even more special by adding candles instead of lights and maybe even bring your favourite book in with you! I personally like to listen to music but that's just me c:

So that's my Sunday night chilled routine! When I decide to put extra effort in to wind down in the evening:} I really hope you enjoyed this post and comment below what your think and what do you do on your relax nights? Done a similar post, then please link it below as I'd love to read it!

Until next time..