Thursday, 6 March 2014

Spring fashion wants! +update and possible give away?!

So as spring is approaching its time to rearrange the wardrobe to put away the winter clothes and make room for new clothes! And I'm going to share my little 'wish list' for this spring;

1.  MOTO BABY BLUE MOM JEANS- Topshop £40.00
So these may be a little pricey for some but for some universal jeans that will go with most outfits and perfect for everyday looks I can see myself getting lots of wear out of it and making my self feel a bit better about spending all that money! But I do love the fact they are high waisted and have rolled up bottoms.

2. LACE SHIRT- George- £12.00

I was in the George section of Asda's the other day and I noticed all the new spring clothes they brought in and these pretty pastel lace shirts just caught my eye and I couldn't help but find them so cute! They come in pastel green, blue,pink and cream. However it is sheer and would require a vest to be worn underneath.

3. BEEN SEEN BRAIDED NECKLACE- Forever 21-£11.65
I've never actually bought my self a big chunky statement necklace before I usually go for smaller prettier ones yet I oddly really like this one as the braid is mixed with white and mint green gems which look really pretty.


A necklace that is a lot more in my comfort zone is this beautiful faux quartz one! I have a obsession over pretty quartz jewellery however I do not own any in the cloudy mint green colour which makes me very excited. Also I like the fact it reminds me of an acorn by the shape of it as it makes me think of nature.

I actually tried this dress on while shopping with my best friend today and I fell in love with it and wanted to take it home at once however funding was an issue and I had to put it back:( However I am pretty sure as soon as pay day comes around I'll be running back to TKMAXX.

6.LAZER CUT BOOTS-Peacocks- £12.60
When having a cheeky peep at current sales I found these sweet boots that just scream spring time. They can come in cream or black yet I find the cream a lot more adorable, I seriously hope I get round to getting my hands on a pair of these!

So although it may be nearly spring and will be getting sunnier there will still be chilly days where a jumper is your best friend! In my opinion a cropped jumper looks amazing with high waisted jeans and the fact its lightweight it will also stop you over heating if it does warm up a bit. Again another universal piece that will get a lot of use!

So here are my spring wants! I'm sorry for a shorter blog post however I spent the day and evening with my best friend celebrating her birthday so I didn't get time to take photos while it was day light:( So here I am typing this at 12:30 on a college night oops. However I am hoping to show of a cheeky haul in the next few days so keep your eyes peeled!

Also an exciting note is that I've nearly hit 100 followers on Bloglovin! When I do reach 100 I'm hoping to put together my first ever give away as a thank you to you all for being patient with me while I was away and still following me now means a lot c:

Until next time lovelies!