Friday, 14 March 2014

Collective Beauty Haul!

Hello everyone! So this a rather delayed post due to unexpected occurrences and recently becoming ill boo!:( But my beauty haul is finally here yay! So lets jump straight in as we have quite a few bits to get through c: ~These were products I bought over a 2 week period with my own money~

Soap and Glory bath float

So I bought this as it was a new product in boots and I've never had a a bath float so I'm very excited to try this out!

Soap and Glory sugar crush body wash

Once again I'm new to Soap and Glory so I literally picked up the most appealing one to me which was the sugar crush one as I find citrus products to be very refreshing.

Foam call body wash

I picked this up as a gift actually as a part of a DIY pamper gift box I made which I can do a blog post on!

Soap and Glory Glad hair day conditioner

Always on the hunt for a new conditioner to amaze me so I got the sample size to give it a try!

Soap and Glory Shower Puff

This was simple essentials as my old one was a cheap one which was falling so I treated myself to a new fancier one.

Tea Tree peel off mask

I used to own a tea tree peel of mask quite a while ago however I never got around to buying another so seeing this in Boots was an easy buy!

Bristows leave in detangler

More of a spontaneous buy in Poundland to go give it try as it can never hurt to try a new product!

Anti-blemish tinted moisturiser

Been suffering with quite bad breakouts lately so once again bargain finding this for only a pound and it does look like a nice natural product which I might review c:

Clean & Clear morning energy facial wash

In order to help out with the bad breakouts I'm having, I figured I'd treat my self to a new and different face wash! I really struggle waking up for college and work on early starts so I'm hoping this morning energy wash will help me feel much more refreshed and awake in the mornings with less tired skin

Nspa Peach shower & bath gel

If I'm being honest here I bought it as I was feeling excited for summer and wanted a new summery fruit scent and this smells amazing and reminds me of peach pick & mix ;D

Nspa protecting serum

Found this next to the peach shower gel and it seemed a good idea to buy this to protect my hair and look after it as I do bleach my hair to keep it blonde!

Sally Hansen salon effects

After previously falling in love with these I decided to buy some more as Poundland still had some left over but glittery ones ooooo;D

MUA Matte lipstick(Shade 11)

I already own a lipstick for MUA but never had a matte one so I was intrigued to try something new and once again its only a pound so it doesn't damage your purse:]

Sally Hansen nail polish (07 Sea)

I randomly found this in Poundland so I'm guessing they was selling off via an outlet but they had a neon pink and this gorgeous pale green nail varnish that just seem perfect for springtime! I can't wait to try it out and at a absolute bargain price yay :D

Face Mask and De-clog pores strip

Due to exam season slowly approaching I decided to stock up on pamper goods so I can unwind from stressful day and treat myself to a pamper evening or have a girls night c:

Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin Foundation

Now I've haven't heard anything about this foundation nor did I know it existed until I went past the Maybelline section in Asda's, however having nicer skin is something I'm hoping to achieve and since my last foundation was quite thick and full coverage I figured I'd try something new for spring/summer! So far so good it does however have thinner coverage so concealer is needed but it does have SPF!

So this is my mini collective haul over the last two weeks! Now someone should really take my debit card away from me, I did some serious damage to my bank account!

Any products you like or want a full review on let me below in the comments! And if you've recently done a haul then link it below as I'd love to read it:3 

With love,