Monday, 24 March 2014

Sunday Night: Chilled out night routine!

Hello beautiful's! C:

Again another delayed post however it is mock exam weeks so I am currently drowning in college work however I thought with all the stressful time approaching then why not share my Sunday night weekly chill out pamper night. So here's some of the things I enjoy to do on a Sunday night:

1. Face mask!
Nothing can beat how fresh and clean your face feels after a relaxing face mask! Even if you have to put up with the dry stiff face for a few minutes but it is definitely worth it when you are left with a soft and nice smelling skin.

2. Bath Goodies

Making extra effort with your bath by treating your self to some Soap and Glory bath goods such as the new Pre-bed time Bath Float! Or keep it simple with a floral bath bomb (I haven't tried the lush bath bombs yet). The options are endless!

3. Hair Treats

Looking after your hair and keeping it in good condition is very important! Otherwise you'll end up with horrible dead hair that will most likely end up in a horrible short hair cut (Trust me I've been there). So why not treat your hair to a hair mask? Or maybe try out a new product like I did with the Soap and Glory hair conditioner which smells and makes my hair feel amazing, so I am definitely going to purchase the full size product:)

4. Nails!
Getting your nails all done looking all nice and pretty for the start of the week and going back to college is something I really enjoy to do! I enjoy picking and choosing new colours and designs I decide to go with for that week! But recently I have been liking spring pastels colours, my matte top coat and Sally Hansen nail strips.

5. Candles and Incense sticks!

To really get in the relaxed and chilled vibe then I recommend incense sticks and candles to make your room smell amazing and creates pretty dim lighting. My current favourite candle is the raspberry and papaya candle from Primark because its exotic fruity scent makes me excited for summer!

6. Bubble bath!

And last but not least the ultimate chill out time you can have is in a relaxing bubble bath! Make it even more special by adding candles instead of lights and maybe even bring your favourite book in with you! I personally like to listen to music but that's just me c:

So that's my Sunday night chilled routine! When I decide to put extra effort in to wind down in the evening:} I really hope you enjoyed this post and comment below what your think and what do you do on your relax nights? Done a similar post, then please link it below as I'd love to read it!

Until next time..

Friday, 14 March 2014

Collective Beauty Haul!

Hello everyone! So this a rather delayed post due to unexpected occurrences and recently becoming ill boo!:( But my beauty haul is finally here yay! So lets jump straight in as we have quite a few bits to get through c: ~These were products I bought over a 2 week period with my own money~

Soap and Glory bath float

So I bought this as it was a new product in boots and I've never had a a bath float so I'm very excited to try this out!

Soap and Glory sugar crush body wash

Once again I'm new to Soap and Glory so I literally picked up the most appealing one to me which was the sugar crush one as I find citrus products to be very refreshing.

Foam call body wash

I picked this up as a gift actually as a part of a DIY pamper gift box I made which I can do a blog post on!

Soap and Glory Glad hair day conditioner

Always on the hunt for a new conditioner to amaze me so I got the sample size to give it a try!

Soap and Glory Shower Puff

This was simple essentials as my old one was a cheap one which was falling so I treated myself to a new fancier one.

Tea Tree peel off mask

I used to own a tea tree peel of mask quite a while ago however I never got around to buying another so seeing this in Boots was an easy buy!

Bristows leave in detangler

More of a spontaneous buy in Poundland to go give it try as it can never hurt to try a new product!

Anti-blemish tinted moisturiser

Been suffering with quite bad breakouts lately so once again bargain finding this for only a pound and it does look like a nice natural product which I might review c:

Clean & Clear morning energy facial wash

In order to help out with the bad breakouts I'm having, I figured I'd treat my self to a new and different face wash! I really struggle waking up for college and work on early starts so I'm hoping this morning energy wash will help me feel much more refreshed and awake in the mornings with less tired skin

Nspa Peach shower & bath gel

If I'm being honest here I bought it as I was feeling excited for summer and wanted a new summery fruit scent and this smells amazing and reminds me of peach pick & mix ;D

Nspa protecting serum

Found this next to the peach shower gel and it seemed a good idea to buy this to protect my hair and look after it as I do bleach my hair to keep it blonde!

Sally Hansen salon effects

After previously falling in love with these I decided to buy some more as Poundland still had some left over but glittery ones ooooo;D

MUA Matte lipstick(Shade 11)

I already own a lipstick for MUA but never had a matte one so I was intrigued to try something new and once again its only a pound so it doesn't damage your purse:]

Sally Hansen nail polish (07 Sea)

I randomly found this in Poundland so I'm guessing they was selling off via an outlet but they had a neon pink and this gorgeous pale green nail varnish that just seem perfect for springtime! I can't wait to try it out and at a absolute bargain price yay :D

Face Mask and De-clog pores strip

Due to exam season slowly approaching I decided to stock up on pamper goods so I can unwind from stressful day and treat myself to a pamper evening or have a girls night c:

Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin Foundation

Now I've haven't heard anything about this foundation nor did I know it existed until I went past the Maybelline section in Asda's, however having nicer skin is something I'm hoping to achieve and since my last foundation was quite thick and full coverage I figured I'd try something new for spring/summer! So far so good it does however have thinner coverage so concealer is needed but it does have SPF!

So this is my mini collective haul over the last two weeks! Now someone should really take my debit card away from me, I did some serious damage to my bank account!

Any products you like or want a full review on let me below in the comments! And if you've recently done a haul then link it below as I'd love to read it:3 

With love,

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Spring fashion wants! +update and possible give away?!

So as spring is approaching its time to rearrange the wardrobe to put away the winter clothes and make room for new clothes! And I'm going to share my little 'wish list' for this spring;

1.  MOTO BABY BLUE MOM JEANS- Topshop £40.00
So these may be a little pricey for some but for some universal jeans that will go with most outfits and perfect for everyday looks I can see myself getting lots of wear out of it and making my self feel a bit better about spending all that money! But I do love the fact they are high waisted and have rolled up bottoms.

2. LACE SHIRT- George- £12.00

I was in the George section of Asda's the other day and I noticed all the new spring clothes they brought in and these pretty pastel lace shirts just caught my eye and I couldn't help but find them so cute! They come in pastel green, blue,pink and cream. However it is sheer and would require a vest to be worn underneath.

3. BEEN SEEN BRAIDED NECKLACE- Forever 21-£11.65
I've never actually bought my self a big chunky statement necklace before I usually go for smaller prettier ones yet I oddly really like this one as the braid is mixed with white and mint green gems which look really pretty.


A necklace that is a lot more in my comfort zone is this beautiful faux quartz one! I have a obsession over pretty quartz jewellery however I do not own any in the cloudy mint green colour which makes me very excited. Also I like the fact it reminds me of an acorn by the shape of it as it makes me think of nature.

I actually tried this dress on while shopping with my best friend today and I fell in love with it and wanted to take it home at once however funding was an issue and I had to put it back:( However I am pretty sure as soon as pay day comes around I'll be running back to TKMAXX.

6.LAZER CUT BOOTS-Peacocks- £12.60
When having a cheeky peep at current sales I found these sweet boots that just scream spring time. They can come in cream or black yet I find the cream a lot more adorable, I seriously hope I get round to getting my hands on a pair of these!

So although it may be nearly spring and will be getting sunnier there will still be chilly days where a jumper is your best friend! In my opinion a cropped jumper looks amazing with high waisted jeans and the fact its lightweight it will also stop you over heating if it does warm up a bit. Again another universal piece that will get a lot of use!

So here are my spring wants! I'm sorry for a shorter blog post however I spent the day and evening with my best friend celebrating her birthday so I didn't get time to take photos while it was day light:( So here I am typing this at 12:30 on a college night oops. However I am hoping to show of a cheeky haul in the next few days so keep your eyes peeled!

Also an exciting note is that I've nearly hit 100 followers on Bloglovin! When I do reach 100 I'm hoping to put together my first ever give away as a thank you to you all for being patient with me while I was away and still following me now means a lot c:

Until next time lovelies!

Sunday, 2 March 2014

February Favourites!

So March is here which can mean only one thing! A monthly favourites blog post yay:D So it's here where I shall share with you what I have been loving this last month.


So this is a recent purchase as I spent a while debating on whether I should try out it so when I got paid and saw it in ASDA's I thought 'Why the hell not?'. And I am so glad I did as I absolutely love this product, it gives my hair great texture without feeling like there is a sticky product in my hair. It's perfect for the bad hair days as I simply spray and ruffle my hair and it leaves my hair with a 'beachy messy' edge to it, I totally recommend this product!

2.Sally Hansen Salon effect nail wraps

Now I'm not going to reveal too much about these as I'm planning to write up a full review on this product but after recently discovering these I cannot stop repurchasing them! They basicly last up 10 days and come in range of colours and designs. So keep an eye out for a full blog post on them!

3. Bath and Body Works hand sanitiser in 'Cotton Candy Bliss'

So since I live in the UK we don't have a Bath and Body Works here and I haven't seen any unusual scented hand sanitisers however I found some online and have already had the 'Cinnamon Bun' one and after recently running out I decided to try out a new scent which is sweet and smells amazing and totally worth it for £2.84 :)

4. Lady Gaga Fame perfume

After getting this for Valentines day I cannot get enough of it! None of my perfumes smell anything like it. Unfortunately I don't think I could do it any justice in trying to explain its scent to you however I will recommend you searching online for a sample to try before you buy!

5. LUSH Lip Scrub
 So after trying this out and loving it of course I had to add it to my February favourites! I won't have to say much here as I did a full review of this product a few days ago which you can read HERE.

6. Urban Decay NAKED 2
Getting this for Christmas was the best surprise and completely unexpected so thank you so much mum!<3 I was so excited and spent the whole of January experimenting different looks with it including one for my everyday college make up which I've worn through out February. I'm hoping to get round to doing to post on my every day college make up so just bear with me c:

And here's my non beauty favourites..

7. Yankee tea light candles in 'Sweet Strawberry'

Since spring is right around the corner I thought I'd swap all winter spice candles for something more appropriate for the season! And who doesn't love the scent of sweet strawberries to get them in the spring/summer spirit. Also fun fact I actually grow strawberries in my garden every year with out fail, it's just a little tradition in my house where we all go to B&Q and pick out and plant we wish to grow and I always choose strawberries:D

8. Pretty Little Liars-Sara Shepard book

And for my final monthly favourite it's actually a book! Pretty Little Liars is my favourite show and I'm so so addicted to it, my friend and I cannot stop talking about it. But for Christmas my mum thought it would be nice to buy me the first book in the series and I've finally got round to reading it and so far so good. If you don't watch or read Pretty Little Liars I definitely recommend it if you like mystery, scandal and suspense kinda of shows/story lines.

So these are my favourites for February! I'd love to know what you think or what are your favourites for last month? Done your own favourites blog post? Then please link it below as I'd love to read it:D
Until next time..