Wednesday, 26 February 2014

LUSH Bubblegum Lip Scrub review!

Hello Everyone! So today I have the LUSH Lip scrub review for you as I've seen a few people post pictures of these and I was keen to try them out to see what the fuss was about!

I overall feel LUSH tends to have reasonable priced goods and I definitely agree with the price on this product at only costing £5.50! At first I thought it was a lot for a small pot but I've had this product for a good few weeks and it's barely gone down since you only need a small amount! So price and duration is great.

When I went to my local LUSH they had all three flavours in which was Bubblegum, Popcorn and Mint Julips. (Which is Chocolate mint if you didn't know!) So I did get the chance to smell all of them and I obviously went with bubblegum as I'm a sucker for sweet scents and it was a lot prettier colour than the other two. 

So the bad thing about winter and cold winds is chapped lips which when you try to apply any kind of lipstick on top it deficiently does not look good, so just simply slipping this product in your morning routine and that won't be an issue! It's a wonderfully easy process taking a small 'dab' on your finger, apply to your lips and scrub/buff and then you can lick it off or wipe it! However the first time I tasted it, it wasn't what I expected which was yummy bubblegum but I got bubblegum mixed with an almost soapy taste. It's not disgusting but bearable for the few seconds you have taste it, however if you hate it use a tissue instead!  And yes it really did work for me and left my lips noticeably softer and looking a lot better which was a perfect to apply some lip balm or lip stick over.

But I guess the only downsides is that it can be a bit annoying to get every last grain of sugar off your mouth and wiping you mouth can end up with it being dragged on to your face, yuck. Even though it's a small product and it is technically portable as it can easily fit in your bag, it's not something I would apply on the go as it can be difficult to apply without a mirror and you may look a bit odd in public licking your lips continuously trying to get the sugar off which can pretty much end up a sugary disaster.

But some useful tips are that a little bit does go along way! Applying too much will make the whole 'wiping away' process a lot more awkward. Also to satisfy my inner clean freak and for obvious hygiene reasons since you apply using your fingers which touch dirty phone screens etc... I recommend washing your hands before hand to keep the product in the tub clean and so you're applying clean product to your lips C: 

So here my review! Let me know your thoughts about this product or recommend me any more LUSH products to try! Also if you have reviewed this product than feel free to link it to me as I'd love to read it:D