Monday, 24 February 2014

Coming back? !


So I'm so sorry for not posting in the last 4 months! I came under a lot of stress from college , my personal life and at work, and I kinda let it all pile up and I guess I never really had time to sit down and blog:( 
But not to worry with all issues sorted and new schedule to stick to I do believe I'm on way to having the perfect balance of work life and college life with time left over to have a social life and time to do some hobbies such a my blog!

So this will come into action ASAP and I'm hoping to have my first post up by Wednesday (fingers crossed). I already have some posts ideas in my drafts and I have plenty more I haven't even drafted yet. But ah I'm so excited as over these last 4 months I have actually been a bit more adventurous in products and actually trying out some new brands!:D

Hope to hear from you all soon and I can wait to dive back in to see what I've missed while I've been away!