Monday, 7 October 2013

Hair timeline TAG!

So I'm sorry for being inactive! I've been ill and and a little caught up with work and college :C 

But I'm going to do a hair timeline TAG! Where I pretty much just go back through the years looking at all the different hair styles and colours I've been since about 2009! LETS GO..

1. My natural hair...

These were 2009 so it was before I discovered make up. And in one photo I looked so bad I had to scribble it out I'm sorry:( But my long blonde hair (before I ruined it)

2. Light brown and short
Later in the year I decided I no longer wanted long hair or to be blonde. So I had it chopped short and dyed brown. Which I instantly regretted anyway :c

3. Since the dye was semi permanent I decided to grow out my hair as I missed it being long! This was when I also dicovered eyeliner, cut in a small fringe and got braces :')

4. I decide to try to go blonder! However I used a horrible cheap brand and it didn't really do much but go a weird blonde-ginger tinge. (Only photo I have is blurry) 

5. For my 14th birthday I used Live colour XXL to get my hair light blonde.

6. However due to damage from the bleach I had my hair cut back short and toned back to light brown

7.  Using a lightener spray I lightened my hair to a medium blonde shade over the winter until it ran out.

8. Due to not keeping up the blonde spray by summer time my natural hair had grown through leaving me with blonde ends! Which looked so pretty while it lasted c:

9. Winter came around and dun dun dunnn I went dark brown! Which is the darkest I've ever been!

10. In may I got highlights put in to go back blonde:D 

11. I of course went even blonder (again)

12. Next I went a tiny bit more blonder and added pink dip dye which I did a post on here.

13. And finally we are up to date where I just have my blonde hair and and I wear extensions c: 

So there is my hair timeline for the last 4 years! woop :D

I tag all those who happen to change their hair alot to do your own time line and to link it to me so I can see it:3

Back to regular posts x

Until next timeeee