Monday, 2 September 2013

The friendship test?!

So I got tagged to do the The Friendship Test by :D

I'm doing it with my bestfriend Beth c:
 We each have a set of 10 questions and In the end we have to see who answered more questions right. You get 2 points for each question answered correctly ♥ 

Beth's Questions:

1.What is my middle name?
2.What is my favourite restaurant?
3.What do I want my career to be?
4.What is my favourite TV show?
5.Who is my all time favourite band?
6.What is my most cherished lip product?
7.What is my most cherished nail polish?
8.What is my favourite drugstore makeup brand?
9.Where is my favourite place to shop?

10.Where would I most like to visit in the world?

My Answers:

1. Ellen

2.Frankie and Bennys  X Nandos


4. The Big Bang Theory

5.The Wombats X Snow Patrol

6.Revlon Lip butter



9. H&M

10. America

I got 8/10 so that's 16 points c:

My questions:
1.What's my favourite colour?
2.My favourite TV show?
3.What nickname does my family call me?
4.What do I always order from Costa?
5.Name the one meat I refuse to eat:
6.What's my favourite fruit?
7.How old is my cat molly?
8.What is my all time favourite shoes?
9.Batman or joker?
10.When I had all my cats before they got sold how many did I own?

Beth's answers:

1.  Purple

2. Pretty little liars 

3. No idea X Kiwi

4. Red berry fruit cooler

5. Lamb

6.Strawberry X Watermelon

7.11 X 12


9. Batman X Joker (Heath Ledger<3)

10. 6 X 9

Beth got 5/10 so that's 10 points!

Not sure if I should glad or sad that I won?:') But it was fun doing it and we both learnt things about each or was at least reminded!

I tag:

And even if you wasn't tagged still do it anyway as I'd love to read it c:

I know it's not exactly beauty related but it was a one off:) 

Until next timeeeee