Thursday, 5 September 2013

OOTD + news :D

My first ever OOTD post woop woop! So I got a few new bits of clothing and its SO hot here right now as its like 28-30 degrees at the moment D:

Right so lets get started..

(The t-shirt looked better in B&W!)
Anyway I got my Feline meow top the other day from an ebay store! I do believe it was £6.99 with delivery! As my necklace/chocker looking thing it was actually a necklace that broke and I repaired it and made it myself c:

Surprise surprise I'm wearing my favourite light wash denim jeans I got from Select for £10! They are so nice and fit me and pretty much most outfits perfectly.

These only arrived yesterday and I love them so much already omg! They are platform converse lookalikes or double soled however you'd like to call them! I got these babies from a eBay store for £9.99 brand new although they were originally from ASOS for £39.99?! I got an absolute bargain and I'm definitely going back next week to order them in white :D

As for my jewellery I'm wearing a pretty almost tyre looking gold ring and a black wooden panelled bracelet! My rings were a gift and my bracelet was from Claire's however I got it such a long time ago (years ago) I'd be surprised if they still existed D:

Although you can't see from the top picture I was actually wearing sunglasses as well which I got from Wilkinson for £7 which isn't a place I'd normally get sunglasses from however I saw them on the little rack and fell in love with them and bought them straight away :}

So there is my OOTD! If you'd like any links to any specific items then please comment and I shall find them for you:D

Other news;

I've actually reached 56 followers on my site and 57 from Blog Lovin which is absolutely awesome and I am so grateful! There is also a possible give away once I hit 100 followers on either site? hmm :]

Also with a new camera I'm getting and a laptop on the way I'm considering starting a YouTube? What do you think, Yay or Nay? 

Please do leave some comments as I love reading and replying to them!
However with some comments I do try to reply to it say I don't have permission and won't let me reply:( So that's not me ignoring you I promise!

Until next timeeee