Sunday, 22 September 2013

Hair extensions! Review/First Impressions

So I've never been that in to extensions however I wanted to try some out before I decide buying some fancy expensive ones! I recently found you can get inexpensive synthetic hair extensions from Peacocks and I thought I must try them out!

Here is what it looks like on the website:
You can get them in Blonde with light ends, Brown with light ends and Black. And priced at only £5.50 its a good way just to try out extensions mess around with them before deciding to go for some real ones :} It comes in a weave with 4 clips already sewn on. The packaging also has instructions in how to put them in!

(tiny bit blurry sorry x)
Over all I find putting in extensions to be a little bit fiddly but manageable by myself and obviously easier with some help but that's just my experience as a first time extension user! I recommend straightening your hair first so your natural hair blends well with the extensions. The extensions themselves also don't give off a big shine like other synthetic extensions do which is a great bonus so I can wear them out in the day with out worrying if they are giving off an obvious shine. 
(In the garden in broad day light)

The weave is a little on the thin side so I am strongly considering going back to purchase another weave to wear to thicken up the over all look! However wearing it up in a pony tail or down to one side looks very flattering and the with the light blonde ends it really makes fishtail plaits look very pretty.
So I so far I'm very happy with these extensions! Amazing value for money and I totally recommend it to any first time extension users who just want to try it out before getting the expensive ones. The down side is that you cannot dye or apply heat to these however you can buy in the exact same colours (except brown) but in a wavy style instead if you ever want a different style. I am definitely considering to go purchase the wavy ones to see how I'd wear and style it with my natural hair!
(How the wavy ones look on the website)

So I hope you guys found this useful! If any of you wear extensions and would like to recommend some good brands who do either synthetic or real extensions that would be much appreciated :} Done a review similar to this? Then please leave a link below as I'd love to read it! 

I'm also super sorry for not posting as often as I used to however I'm at college and studies have to come first and blog comes second unfortunately :c I hope you'll be patient with me while I settle in to college and set up a proper routine where I can blog regularly. :)

Until next timeee