Monday, 16 September 2013

Batiste review!

So I have another review for you ladies:3 And it's for the dry shampoo 'Batiste'. I actually think it's the perfect time to review this as everyone is back at school or college and may not have time to wash your hair before going out then dry shampoos can be a life saver on those in between days.

Batiste can be found in a wide range of stores; Savers, Superdrug ,Asda, etc.  I firstly bought the smaller 50ml from Poundland obviously only costing a pound. I didn't know much about the product or if it would even look nice on my hair so £1 was a lot easier to part with for a smaller trial one rather than a £3 bigger can.

There a wide range of scents they can come in, however the smaller one only came in the floral and fruity scent; Blush. Which is your average floral scent as you could imagine. I did repurchase this 3 times (one was for my mum)  before buying the bigger can. However the smaller can is so much more portable as you can just pop in your bag for on the go!
Once you start buying the bigger cans there are so much more different scents you can buy.There is a total of 9 different ones. However their newest one was the fruity and cheeky scent in cherry which totally caught my eye being cherry as one of my favourite scents and the totally adore packaging. Bastiste cannot be missed by their well known bright and colourful cans which are very pleasing :D
How the products works itself is absolutely amazing and has been an life saver on those days in between washes or those mornings where you get up late. And actually using it is so simple; spray on to roots and rub in with your fingertips then style your hair as normal! Doesn't take more than a minute:]

Here in the photo you can see how gross my hair was looking after being at college all day, but you can also see how much difference spraying only a small amount can actually do. I only lightly rubbed it in the photo above but you can of course rub it in a lot more especially if you have dark hair as the spray is white.

Over all I definitely recommend this product to all you ladies out there who just need a back up plan to those unexpected days or go to work all day and want your hair to still look good in the evening c: 

So there is my batiste review! Please let me know if this is any use to you or if you've tried it out or even did a review on it! What scents have you tried out? as I'm curious in trying them all:D 

Also please do recommend any products I should try and review for you guys<3

Until next timeeee