Sunday, 15 September 2013

Autumn wants PART 2

So here is part two of my Autumn fashion wants however I added a few extra non-fashion related ones in too c:

Lace-up crepe wedges

Find these here :)

So I've been seeing people around college wearing these with a pair of light wash jeans and I think it looks so cute and I love love love ittttt! Definitely something I intend on buying however not sure what colour? Help me decide in the comments! BEIGE OR BLACK? 

Stitch detail jumper
Find here

Another find from George yet I found this jumper in the 'popular' tab and I can definitely see why as its a really nice staple jumper that you can literally throw on when its a cold day c: If only they did it in more colours than just black.

Plait detail headband

Find here

So if you're not a hat person in the winter than these big knitted headbands are a great alternative! I saw quite a lot of these last winter and I can imagine them being even more popular this autumn and winter time. With plenty of different designs to choose from you will not be left disappointed :D 


Find the flower tights here
Find the bird tights here
Find the red tights here

During the autumn time I still like to wear shorts, however I wear mine with tights due to it being too cold to go bare legged. So instead of wearing plain black tights I found all these cute tights from Topshop. I think they are a great alternative and the site has plenty of designs to choose from however these three were my favourite as I thought the flowers were very pretty, the birds look so unique and I happen to love wearing berry red in the autumn.

Skater skirts
Find skirt with braces here
Find velvet skirt here

So instead of wearing shorts and tights you can wear skater skirts with them and ASOS has a wonderful range of skater skirts however I was drawn to these two. The first skirt has braces which looks adorable and gives what would of been a plain black skirt a little bit more character. The second skirt is a velvet berry red one which again looks so different and unique.

Men's jumper
Find here

One of my weaknesses in the cold is pinching a men's over sized slouchy jumper as they are just so cosy and comfy and it keeps me warm in the cold! Even though its from the men's section it doesn't matter as I have shamefully bought many jumper before from the men's section :)

Nail matte topcoat
Find here

In the autumn I usually wear darker nail varnishes so having this matte top coat will make them look so much more different and less plain through the darker months! Would love to try this out and review it.

Lipstick in Hazard
Find here

Not only do I wear darker nail varnishes but darker lip colours too. I've never actually tried the Topshop's lipsticks so I'm very keen to give them a try and collect a few of their shades as they do have quite a collection as from what I've heard there are very good! Another product I need to try and review :] 

So there is the second part to my autumn wants! I hope you enjoyed my little two parter and let me know in the comments what was your favourite. If you did a autumn wants post please link it below so I can have a read and leave you a little comment :D 

I hope you guys have a wonderful day/night where ever you are in the world :f 
Until next timeeee