Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Autumn clothing wants PART 1

So sorry for not posting in a while but I've just started college and have been so caught up with that I haven't had a chance to sit down and type up this weeks blog post! So here is part 1of some pieces of clothing I'm wanting for the autumn/fall time c:

Lets get started!<3

Tribal print sweatpants:

This are super cute printed sweatpants look so cosy and perfect for those lazy indoor Autumn days where you just want something cute but comfy to lounge around it and I love these so much!

Reindeer print jumper

The print on this jumper is so cute and adorable just gives off that Christmas vibe and looks so adorable for the next up coming months. I would personally buy this bigger than my size as I tend to prefer over sized jumper compared to the fitted ones.

Burgundy trousers

During this time of the year I tend to live in black jeans to tackle the cold months. During this time of year I don't usually wear bright colours so dark coloured jeans like these are a great alternative to black and blue jeans! 

Woven design sweatshirt
Sweatshirts are again a staple piece I will literally live in and lounge around in during the cold months! I get cold very easily so jumpers and sweatshirts are a must have! I also thought the print on this was cute a has an old style pattern on it.


So most of my beanies at home from previous winters have been quite boring colours like black, white and beige so I find this beanie to be a really pretty colour change and I can definitely imagine myself wearing it on cold or even snowy days!

So I hope you enjoyed part 1 of my autumn clothing wants! I really hope you guys are enjoying my autumn series I've seemed to have started:D More Autumn outfit styling, make up and possibly even Halloween related posts to come! So keep your eyes peeled :] 

I have also just bought my self a laptop YAY c: Was a painful £260 out of my savings but I think having my own laptop rather than using the family shared computer will hopefully boost creativity and blogging<3 

Just hit 60 followers which is amazing to have gained more followers while I've been away at college, You girls are wonderful and I appreciate each and every follow whether you join my site or on blog lovin, it means the world to me knowing I actually have an audience who wants to read what I write,review and post :3
Until next timeee