Sunday, 22 September 2013

Hair extensions! Review/First Impressions

So I've never been that in to extensions however I wanted to try some out before I decide buying some fancy expensive ones! I recently found you can get inexpensive synthetic hair extensions from Peacocks and I thought I must try them out!

Here is what it looks like on the website:
You can get them in Blonde with light ends, Brown with light ends and Black. And priced at only £5.50 its a good way just to try out extensions mess around with them before deciding to go for some real ones :} It comes in a weave with 4 clips already sewn on. The packaging also has instructions in how to put them in!

(tiny bit blurry sorry x)
Over all I find putting in extensions to be a little bit fiddly but manageable by myself and obviously easier with some help but that's just my experience as a first time extension user! I recommend straightening your hair first so your natural hair blends well with the extensions. The extensions themselves also don't give off a big shine like other synthetic extensions do which is a great bonus so I can wear them out in the day with out worrying if they are giving off an obvious shine. 
(In the garden in broad day light)

The weave is a little on the thin side so I am strongly considering going back to purchase another weave to wear to thicken up the over all look! However wearing it up in a pony tail or down to one side looks very flattering and the with the light blonde ends it really makes fishtail plaits look very pretty.
So I so far I'm very happy with these extensions! Amazing value for money and I totally recommend it to any first time extension users who just want to try it out before getting the expensive ones. The down side is that you cannot dye or apply heat to these however you can buy in the exact same colours (except brown) but in a wavy style instead if you ever want a different style. I am definitely considering to go purchase the wavy ones to see how I'd wear and style it with my natural hair!
(How the wavy ones look on the website)

So I hope you guys found this useful! If any of you wear extensions and would like to recommend some good brands who do either synthetic or real extensions that would be much appreciated :} Done a review similar to this? Then please leave a link below as I'd love to read it! 

I'm also super sorry for not posting as often as I used to however I'm at college and studies have to come first and blog comes second unfortunately :c I hope you'll be patient with me while I settle in to college and set up a proper routine where I can blog regularly. :)

Until next timeee

Monday, 16 September 2013

Batiste review!

So I have another review for you ladies:3 And it's for the dry shampoo 'Batiste'. I actually think it's the perfect time to review this as everyone is back at school or college and may not have time to wash your hair before going out then dry shampoos can be a life saver on those in between days.

Batiste can be found in a wide range of stores; Savers, Superdrug ,Asda, etc.  I firstly bought the smaller 50ml from Poundland obviously only costing a pound. I didn't know much about the product or if it would even look nice on my hair so £1 was a lot easier to part with for a smaller trial one rather than a £3 bigger can.

There a wide range of scents they can come in, however the smaller one only came in the floral and fruity scent; Blush. Which is your average floral scent as you could imagine. I did repurchase this 3 times (one was for my mum)  before buying the bigger can. However the smaller can is so much more portable as you can just pop in your bag for on the go!
Once you start buying the bigger cans there are so much more different scents you can buy.There is a total of 9 different ones. However their newest one was the fruity and cheeky scent in cherry which totally caught my eye being cherry as one of my favourite scents and the totally adore packaging. Bastiste cannot be missed by their well known bright and colourful cans which are very pleasing :D
How the products works itself is absolutely amazing and has been an life saver on those days in between washes or those mornings where you get up late. And actually using it is so simple; spray on to roots and rub in with your fingertips then style your hair as normal! Doesn't take more than a minute:]

Here in the photo you can see how gross my hair was looking after being at college all day, but you can also see how much difference spraying only a small amount can actually do. I only lightly rubbed it in the photo above but you can of course rub it in a lot more especially if you have dark hair as the spray is white.

Over all I definitely recommend this product to all you ladies out there who just need a back up plan to those unexpected days or go to work all day and want your hair to still look good in the evening c: 

So there is my batiste review! Please let me know if this is any use to you or if you've tried it out or even did a review on it! What scents have you tried out? as I'm curious in trying them all:D 

Also please do recommend any products I should try and review for you guys<3

Until next timeeee

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Autumn wants PART 2

So here is part two of my Autumn fashion wants however I added a few extra non-fashion related ones in too c:

Lace-up crepe wedges

Find these here :)

So I've been seeing people around college wearing these with a pair of light wash jeans and I think it looks so cute and I love love love ittttt! Definitely something I intend on buying however not sure what colour? Help me decide in the comments! BEIGE OR BLACK? 

Stitch detail jumper
Find here

Another find from George yet I found this jumper in the 'popular' tab and I can definitely see why as its a really nice staple jumper that you can literally throw on when its a cold day c: If only they did it in more colours than just black.

Plait detail headband

Find here

So if you're not a hat person in the winter than these big knitted headbands are a great alternative! I saw quite a lot of these last winter and I can imagine them being even more popular this autumn and winter time. With plenty of different designs to choose from you will not be left disappointed :D 


Find the flower tights here
Find the bird tights here
Find the red tights here

During the autumn time I still like to wear shorts, however I wear mine with tights due to it being too cold to go bare legged. So instead of wearing plain black tights I found all these cute tights from Topshop. I think they are a great alternative and the site has plenty of designs to choose from however these three were my favourite as I thought the flowers were very pretty, the birds look so unique and I happen to love wearing berry red in the autumn.

Skater skirts
Find skirt with braces here
Find velvet skirt here

So instead of wearing shorts and tights you can wear skater skirts with them and ASOS has a wonderful range of skater skirts however I was drawn to these two. The first skirt has braces which looks adorable and gives what would of been a plain black skirt a little bit more character. The second skirt is a velvet berry red one which again looks so different and unique.

Men's jumper
Find here

One of my weaknesses in the cold is pinching a men's over sized slouchy jumper as they are just so cosy and comfy and it keeps me warm in the cold! Even though its from the men's section it doesn't matter as I have shamefully bought many jumper before from the men's section :)

Nail matte topcoat
Find here

In the autumn I usually wear darker nail varnishes so having this matte top coat will make them look so much more different and less plain through the darker months! Would love to try this out and review it.

Lipstick in Hazard
Find here

Not only do I wear darker nail varnishes but darker lip colours too. I've never actually tried the Topshop's lipsticks so I'm very keen to give them a try and collect a few of their shades as they do have quite a collection as from what I've heard there are very good! Another product I need to try and review :] 

So there is the second part to my autumn wants! I hope you enjoyed my little two parter and let me know in the comments what was your favourite. If you did a autumn wants post please link it below so I can have a read and leave you a little comment :D 

I hope you guys have a wonderful day/night where ever you are in the world :f 
Until next timeeee

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Autumn clothing wants PART 1

So sorry for not posting in a while but I've just started college and have been so caught up with that I haven't had a chance to sit down and type up this weeks blog post! So here is part 1of some pieces of clothing I'm wanting for the autumn/fall time c:

Lets get started!<3

Tribal print sweatpants:

This are super cute printed sweatpants look so cosy and perfect for those lazy indoor Autumn days where you just want something cute but comfy to lounge around it and I love these so much!

Reindeer print jumper

The print on this jumper is so cute and adorable just gives off that Christmas vibe and looks so adorable for the next up coming months. I would personally buy this bigger than my size as I tend to prefer over sized jumper compared to the fitted ones.

Burgundy trousers

During this time of the year I tend to live in black jeans to tackle the cold months. During this time of year I don't usually wear bright colours so dark coloured jeans like these are a great alternative to black and blue jeans! 

Woven design sweatshirt
Sweatshirts are again a staple piece I will literally live in and lounge around in during the cold months! I get cold very easily so jumpers and sweatshirts are a must have! I also thought the print on this was cute a has an old style pattern on it.


So most of my beanies at home from previous winters have been quite boring colours like black, white and beige so I find this beanie to be a really pretty colour change and I can definitely imagine myself wearing it on cold or even snowy days!

So I hope you enjoyed part 1 of my autumn clothing wants! I really hope you guys are enjoying my autumn series I've seemed to have started:D More Autumn outfit styling, make up and possibly even Halloween related posts to come! So keep your eyes peeled :] 

I have also just bought my self a laptop YAY c: Was a painful £260 out of my savings but I think having my own laptop rather than using the family shared computer will hopefully boost creativity and blogging<3 

Just hit 60 followers which is amazing to have gained more followers while I've been away at college, You girls are wonderful and I appreciate each and every follow whether you join my site or on blog lovin, it means the world to me knowing I actually have an audience who wants to read what I write,review and post :3
Until next timeee

Thursday, 5 September 2013

OOTD + news :D

My first ever OOTD post woop woop! So I got a few new bits of clothing and its SO hot here right now as its like 28-30 degrees at the moment D:

Right so lets get started..

(The t-shirt looked better in B&W!)
Anyway I got my Feline meow top the other day from an ebay store! I do believe it was £6.99 with delivery! As my necklace/chocker looking thing it was actually a necklace that broke and I repaired it and made it myself c:

Surprise surprise I'm wearing my favourite light wash denim jeans I got from Select for £10! They are so nice and fit me and pretty much most outfits perfectly.

These only arrived yesterday and I love them so much already omg! They are platform converse lookalikes or double soled however you'd like to call them! I got these babies from a eBay store for £9.99 brand new although they were originally from ASOS for £39.99?! I got an absolute bargain and I'm definitely going back next week to order them in white :D

As for my jewellery I'm wearing a pretty almost tyre looking gold ring and a black wooden panelled bracelet! My rings were a gift and my bracelet was from Claire's however I got it such a long time ago (years ago) I'd be surprised if they still existed D:

Although you can't see from the top picture I was actually wearing sunglasses as well which I got from Wilkinson for £7 which isn't a place I'd normally get sunglasses from however I saw them on the little rack and fell in love with them and bought them straight away :}

So there is my OOTD! If you'd like any links to any specific items then please comment and I shall find them for you:D

Other news;

I've actually reached 56 followers on my site and 57 from Blog Lovin which is absolutely awesome and I am so grateful! There is also a possible give away once I hit 100 followers on either site? hmm :]

Also with a new camera I'm getting and a laptop on the way I'm considering starting a YouTube? What do you think, Yay or Nay? 

Please do leave some comments as I love reading and replying to them!
However with some comments I do try to reply to it say I don't have permission and won't let me reply:( So that's not me ignoring you I promise!

Until next timeeee

Monday, 2 September 2013

The friendship test?!

So I got tagged to do the The Friendship Test by :D

I'm doing it with my bestfriend Beth c:
 We each have a set of 10 questions and In the end we have to see who answered more questions right. You get 2 points for each question answered correctly ♥ 

Beth's Questions:

1.What is my middle name?
2.What is my favourite restaurant?
3.What do I want my career to be?
4.What is my favourite TV show?
5.Who is my all time favourite band?
6.What is my most cherished lip product?
7.What is my most cherished nail polish?
8.What is my favourite drugstore makeup brand?
9.Where is my favourite place to shop?

10.Where would I most like to visit in the world?

My Answers:

1. Ellen

2.Frankie and Bennys  X Nandos


4. The Big Bang Theory

5.The Wombats X Snow Patrol

6.Revlon Lip butter



9. H&M

10. America

I got 8/10 so that's 16 points c:

My questions:
1.What's my favourite colour?
2.My favourite TV show?
3.What nickname does my family call me?
4.What do I always order from Costa?
5.Name the one meat I refuse to eat:
6.What's my favourite fruit?
7.How old is my cat molly?
8.What is my all time favourite shoes?
9.Batman or joker?
10.When I had all my cats before they got sold how many did I own?

Beth's answers:

1.  Purple

2. Pretty little liars 

3. No idea X Kiwi

4. Red berry fruit cooler

5. Lamb

6.Strawberry X Watermelon

7.11 X 12


9. Batman X Joker (Heath Ledger<3)

10. 6 X 9

Beth got 5/10 so that's 10 points!

Not sure if I should glad or sad that I won?:') But it was fun doing it and we both learnt things about each or was at least reminded!

I tag:

And even if you wasn't tagged still do it anyway as I'd love to read it c:

I know it's not exactly beauty related but it was a one off:) 

Until next timeeeee

Sunday, 1 September 2013

August Favourites!

Woww it's September already?! hasn't 2013 gone so quick! But anyway it being a new can only mean one thing! My monthly beauty favourites<3

1. Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation
This foundation so far has been amazing! Has SPF so it was well suited for the summer, it was actually quite a thin foundation feeling quite light on my face compared to other foundations I have used which is great for summer as the last thing you want is super thick foundation but on the other hand if you're having a bad breakout this may not give you the best full coverage on its own. 

2. Maybelline The Rocket mascara
If you can't already tell from the photo I have definitely been using this all month long and its actually empty now:( But I absolutely love this mascara! Give you gorgeous lashes without all the weird clumps or looking cheap and nasty and it's something I hope to get around to repurchasing:}

3. Kate Moss Lipstick
Always have loved pretty lipstick colours so when I got my hands on this I instantly became obsessed and actually started wearing it most days rather than as an occasional thing. Looks so pretty on and does last through out the day, I am hoping to get some darker colours for this autumn/fall time as it would look super cute:)

4. Elf nail polish in Party Purple
I find this nail to be such a gorgeous colour with all the little sparkles in it and purple being my favourite colour how could I not love this nail polish. Been wearing it all through summer and probably will keep wearing it all through autumn too:D

5. Max Factor nail polish in Red Passion
I actually got this nail polish in a set however looking on the website you can in fact get them individually in a wide range of colours which is exactly what I want to do! This nail polish LASTS. I have such bad luck with nail polish as it usually chips within a day or two but this lasted me over a week which is wonderful and seriously makes me want to have all nail polishes like this, its perfecto!

6. So..? perfume in Kiss Me
This perfume smells so pretty and sweet but not so sweet that its sickly, nice and in the middle where I like it. I originally bought the smaller one then my mum got me the larger bottle as a present and I can't get enough of it. It's pretty light scent as be perfect all summer long and I'm sure it won't long until I'm running out again!

So here are my favourites! Comment below your favourites or link me if you've done an August favourites as I'd love to read it! 

Hope you all have a wonderful day/night:3
Until next timeeeee