Thursday, 15 August 2013

Make up wants!

There are so many make up wants lately I thought I'd list some of the make up I'm wanting to try out within the next few weeks!

1. Collection 2000 fix me up- £3.99 Superdrug

(Buy here)
Being at £3.99 it seems to be a cheaper alternative to the Mac fixer spray, Now I've never tried these fixer sprays and I'm curious to find out whether they really do help your make up stay on all day. Now if your like me some one who goes to work all day, college (and used to go to school) you want your make up to stay looking fresh all day with out worrying over it fading or coming off, if these fixer sprays work I can guarantee it will quickly become a daily essential for me :}

2. Soap and Glory Supercat eyeliner pen- £6 Boots

(Photo from here and Buy here)

I wear top winged out eyeliner as an everyday make up look so having good eyeliner is a must! However when it comes to eyeliner felt tip pens I've only tried two; MUA which I didn't like at all:( and Collection 2000 extreme 24 hour felt tip liner which is my current favourite! (But it does not last 24 hours may I add). The review's about the Supercat liner are all very positive which gets me excited over how I'm going to find it c: 

3. Mac lipsticks- £4.99 Ebay

(Find these here)
I recently discovered this cheaper but still legit Mac lipsticks from a blog post which you can fully read here. But basicly they are so cheap because they were labelled wrong in the factory, but to be honest its just a label and it doesn't bother me in the slightest. I have never owned any mac lipsticks before so I can't even describe how stoked I am to get my hands on a few of these for sure! There are 20 shades available so there is a good range of choice in colours yay:D 

4. W7 NAKED nudes 4 eyesadow palette£3.50 Ebay

(Buy here)
Ooooh another Ebay find and what a bargain it is, I love love love all the naked palettes! But the bigger ones start at £20+ which very expensive however for a small basic palette that I'd use for everyday make up this is perfect and again its something I've been wanting to try for some time now!

5. Rimmel wake me up foundation/concealer- £8.99/£5.49

(Buy foundation here and concealer here)

I have read a lot of blog posts about the Rimmel wake me up foundation so I'm very keen to find out what all the fuss is about and try it for my self. I'm currently coming to the end of a bottle of the Collection 2000 colour match foundation which has lasted since may when I bought it so happy about that but I'm keen to try something new. And as for the concealer again I desperately need a new one and I've heard good reviews about it :)

So I hope you've enjoyed my top 5 make up wants for right now!

Comment below with your top wants or if you've done a blog post please link me as I'd love to read it!
Until next timeeee 
Kira xxx