Monday, 12 August 2013

Setting Goals

So for me its important to be constantly set goals in life so I will always have something to aim for, and it each goal comes an achievement no matter how big or small!

So my goal I have finally set today is to save up money from my current job to get the.... "Panasonic Lumix DMC-SZ3 16.1 MP Digital camera
(You can get it in black,white, brown and purple)
It's a pretty recent goal however I feel having the camera will massively benefit me as having a better camera then my current one will give me the freedom to express more in my hobby for photography which has massively gone down since 2011 :C

But it will also open new doors for me as I've been considering starting a YouTube channel for quite some time now but I have never had the camera quite able to record high quality videos and this camera comes with HD 720p video recording. So maybe having this camera may give me the confidence and final push into starting that YouTube channel :)

And another goal I will be setting is to be posting more regularly on all social sites; Deviant art, Tumblr and my blog (with also the possible future YouTube channel)

So starting from today the weekly posts on shall begin! 

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