Wednesday, 14 August 2013

(late) August wish list!

So its a little bit late but since I really wanted to start the beauty side to my blog, I thought why not start with a monthly wish list! So here we goooooo!

1. Lace skirts - £7.00+ 
Although I'm not a massive skirt person seeing as I own about two skirts! But I can't help but find these lace skirts so cute and I can imagine wearing them in many situations! It can easily be dressed up with a pretty top, a statement necklace and some heels for a more formal occasion, or it can be dressed down with a plain coloured vest and some cute sandals if you're just going out casually.The awesome thing is they come in many colours so you can wear the whites and brighter colours in the summer and wear the blacks and darker coloured one with tights in the winter. I cannot wait to get my hands on a pair:D

2. Bird Crop top- £2.99+
Crop tops are a summer must have! They are light and comfy which keeps you cool on those hot summer days but you'll still be looking cute. And again crop tops comes in many different shapes and patterns however the bird print has caught my attention as its a staple causal look that I know I'd be wearing all the time either with some shorts or high waisted jeans. C:

3. Lace play suits- £9.99+
Now I have never ever owned a play suit yet whenever I'm out and about I'm seeing them everywhere! With different patterns, different shapes and even cut outs! I'm actually going to order some very soon and with that I shall post a blog post about how I style them as I feel its gonna be fun to try out different styles:3

4. Wedges- £9.99 +
So if you're like me and absolutely cannot spend more than a few hours in a pair of heels then have no fear a wedges are your friends! They are super comfy, nice and summery and you can spend days in them and they can also be used in a casual outfit or on a more dressy one the possibilities are endless which is why wedges are on my wish list and should be on everyone else's!

5. Baby lips- £2.99
Now these babies (ehe see what I did there) have only just came available here in the UK for about 2 weeks now and I am so excited to collect them all! I hear constant reviews of how good they are and even american beauty YouTubers rave on about how good the quality of them are! So I can't wait eeeek! A blog post review soon to come:}

6. Feline meow top- £4.99
I literally added this to my wishlist purely because of my love for cats and how casual this top is, its again another piece of clothing I would happily wear all the time, all year round! Especially since I'm starting college in September, the more casual clothes I own the better:D

7. Smart beauty 'candy floss' semi-permanent- £4.99
Oh My God. I am so freaaaaking excited about these! So basicly they are temporary pastel hair tints that last for 3-10 washes which is great for those who don't want to actually commit to permanently dyeing their hair this colour. The great thing is that there is a range of colours such as: lilac,silver,cream,light blue,candy floss and peach. I'm currently interested in the candy floss so once I finish lightning my hair as I'm currently going blonder (I'll do a post on going from brown to blonde) I will buy and test these out which I'll also do a blog post on:f  

I hope you liked my monthy wish list and comment below yours as I wanna know what other people think or if you've done a blog post on your favourites then link me as I'd love to check it out!
Until next timeeee 

Kira xxx