Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Dye hair with me - Pink dip dye:D (DIY)

So I finally got round to doing my hair pink and I love it omg:3 So here's my very simple step by step guide c:

What I used: 
(Smart Beauty in Candy Floss)
First I plaited my hair down to the point I wanted coloured and of course wore an old t-shirt from when I was 13 aha :')
Next is to apply the colour to the bottom of the plait you've left and cover in cling film for 10-30 minutes! (I did 30)
Wash and blow dry! No conditioning is necessary as the product already contains it :)

This was the finished result however I wanted to make it a little bit brighter so I used the 'Colour Xtreme hair art spray' in pink c:
This over all gave me the end results I wanted :D 

(Haven't got on a lot of make up -.- )

So there it is my pink dip dye! Hope you enjoyed and please tell me what you think:D 
Until next timeeee