Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Baby lips review!

And here it finally is my Baby Lips review yay! 
So there are currently six shades available here in the UK: Hydrate, Pink Punch, Peach Kiss, Intense Care, Mint Fresh and Cherry Me. They are also in Superdrug £2.99 and 3 for 2! So it almost works out a £2 each by using that deal which is amazing!

My local Superdrug only had these four in stock however I will eventually go back to look for Mint Fresha and Cherry Me which are the two I'm currently missing :C. Out of the four I purchased two are tinted and two are not! The tint is very sheer and pretty and goes perfectly on an everyday make up look:)
(Top pink line is Pink Punch and bottom line is Peach Kiss)
Each comes in colourful and contrasting packaging which looks so pretty and attractive. The shape is pretty simple like a standard lip balm shape however its super easy to apply and makes me lips feel really soft and hydrated:] Each one smells amazing and each one is completely different even the untinted ones! However if I even attempted to describe the scent it would definitely be an understatement, so if you wanna know the smell TRY IT YOUR SELF! 
The downsides I've found about these is that the tinted ones have no SPF :C Which is a shame however it's not a massive 'blip'. However I find my self having to reapply quite a lot to maintain the hydration but its manageable however I'm still undecided whether it beats my Nivea Lip care in Soft rose and Pearly shine.

Hope you enjoyed my post and please tell me your views on Baby Lips either in the comments or if you did a blog post please link me as I'd love to read it!<3
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