Saturday, 31 August 2013

Autumn/Fall Loves

So summer is nearly over as August is slowly drawing to a close :( However this can only mean its almost autumn time! I love autumn time as its nice and cool and you get to dress all cosy but still look cute:3 So here's my list of autumn loves:

1.Burgundy coloured clothing
I find burgundy to be such a pretty and well suited colour for this time of year! From hats to skirts it just happens to go with any outfit and I absolutely love it!

2. Boots!
Boots are perfect for autumn time as they are big and thick so they can tackle the cold wet weather and still keep your feet warm and dry but you can still look cute! However for Doc Martens I actually rather matte one and velvet ones compared to the normal shiny bright shiny ones {:

3. Knitted knee high socks
They come in a range of colours and designs even Christmas themed:D So comfy and cute for autumn and they also go amazing with boots ^-^

4.Comfy Scarves
Unfortunately for me as soon as the weather goes cold I usually catch a cold:C so scarves are a life saver for when going out when feeling under the weather keeping your warm on those chilly mornings c:

5. Dark lipstick
During the summer its usually common to wear the brighter and colourful lipsticks however in the autumn I find more and more people wearing and rocking the darker lipsticks which looks awesome!

Random loves c: 

Hot drinks

Candle lit bubble baths 


Listening to the rain 

Wearing over sized jumpers 

And finally having those lazy days 

Soo I hope you enjoyed this post! Please comment below your favourites or if you did a blog post your self please please pleaseeee link me as I love reading these kind of posts!
Until next timeee