Wednesday, 14 August 2013

2013 New MUA Blusher Shades review (Cupcake)

So today I have a MUA blush review for you as these are cute little blushes that can easily be added to an everyday make up look and fit nicely in your make up bag!
Being at only £1, MUA are definitely keeping to their low and unbeatable prices which makes this an utter bargain! There are also a range of different shades as these come in 6 different colours: Candyfloss,Cupcake,Lolly,Marshmallow, Bon Bon and Bubblegum. 

But today I am going to be review Cupcake as this was the last and only shade left when I went to Superdrug a while ago! But I will eventually collect them all.
Well firstly I find the name to be so adorable and it actually matches the colour perfectly.As a colour Cupcake is a nice gentle light pink which is perfect on an everyday make up look! Although cheap blushes are rarely any good and are usually overly pigmented leaving you looking like a clown, the pigmentation in this product is absolutely wonderful C: Many people have commented on the product being "comparable to MAC pigmentation wise" and I couldn't agree more.
(I broke the lid in this photo)
Although it's only small being only 7cm by 3.5cm, it is very travel friendly as it fits nicely into any small pocket/make-up bags so you can take it on the go. The product has very simple packaging with a clear lid, however the lid on mine did break and was very flimsy I'm not 100% sure whether that's the actual product or the fact mine was the last in the store I will come to a conclusion on that when I go back to purchase some more. 
(Got my brother to hold this for me:'D)
The application of the blush is amazing as it's great on the skin and blends very easily unlike other cheaper blushes. The pink blush blends in nicely to create a healthy looking glow on your cheeks without you looking unnatural or clown like. However the blush its self will only last for a few hours so you may want to take it with you to keep topping up if you're going out all day for example.But it is build-able to create a desired shade and could stay on for longer with a primer/base.

(Swatch of Cupcake)

But over all I would definitely repurchase and collect all the other shades in this collection. I would also recommend this to those with fair to medium toned skin as I feel these shades are best suited to those skin tones:) I really hope MUA release some more 'peachy' shades as I'd love to try some different colours other than pink:f 

Comment below telling me what you think of MUA or recommend me some more products to try and review :]

Until next timeee!

Kira xxx