Saturday, 31 August 2013

Autumn/Fall Loves

So summer is nearly over as August is slowly drawing to a close :( However this can only mean its almost autumn time! I love autumn time as its nice and cool and you get to dress all cosy but still look cute:3 So here's my list of autumn loves:

1.Burgundy coloured clothing
I find burgundy to be such a pretty and well suited colour for this time of year! From hats to skirts it just happens to go with any outfit and I absolutely love it!

2. Boots!
Boots are perfect for autumn time as they are big and thick so they can tackle the cold wet weather and still keep your feet warm and dry but you can still look cute! However for Doc Martens I actually rather matte one and velvet ones compared to the normal shiny bright shiny ones {:

3. Knitted knee high socks
They come in a range of colours and designs even Christmas themed:D So comfy and cute for autumn and they also go amazing with boots ^-^

4.Comfy Scarves
Unfortunately for me as soon as the weather goes cold I usually catch a cold:C so scarves are a life saver for when going out when feeling under the weather keeping your warm on those chilly mornings c:

5. Dark lipstick
During the summer its usually common to wear the brighter and colourful lipsticks however in the autumn I find more and more people wearing and rocking the darker lipsticks which looks awesome!

Random loves c: 

Hot drinks

Candle lit bubble baths 


Listening to the rain 

Wearing over sized jumpers 

And finally having those lazy days 

Soo I hope you enjoyed this post! Please comment below your favourites or if you did a blog post your self please please pleaseeee link me as I love reading these kind of posts!
Until next timeee

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Dye hair with me - Pink dip dye:D (DIY)

So I finally got round to doing my hair pink and I love it omg:3 So here's my very simple step by step guide c:

What I used: 
(Smart Beauty in Candy Floss)
First I plaited my hair down to the point I wanted coloured and of course wore an old t-shirt from when I was 13 aha :')
Next is to apply the colour to the bottom of the plait you've left and cover in cling film for 10-30 minutes! (I did 30)
Wash and blow dry! No conditioning is necessary as the product already contains it :)

This was the finished result however I wanted to make it a little bit brighter so I used the 'Colour Xtreme hair art spray' in pink c:
This over all gave me the end results I wanted :D 

(Haven't got on a lot of make up -.- )

So there it is my pink dip dye! Hope you enjoyed and please tell me what you think:D 
Until next timeeee

Friday, 23 August 2013

Beauty Buys-Under £5?!

Going to be super short post but I wanted to recommend one little thing to you!
But Savers are having a massive deal where ALL Rimmel products are under £5!:D
Which is where I bought this little beauty for £4.98! Always wanted to try it but never convinced my self to go buy it until I saw this price tag! There will definitely be a blog post on it soon :D
 So many bargains going on so better go quick and enjoy the deal while its on!

Until next timeeee

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Just a little note..

Ps If any of you have had this issue before some help would be much appreciated! xxxx

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Baby lips review!

And here it finally is my Baby Lips review yay! 
So there are currently six shades available here in the UK: Hydrate, Pink Punch, Peach Kiss, Intense Care, Mint Fresh and Cherry Me. They are also in Superdrug £2.99 and 3 for 2! So it almost works out a £2 each by using that deal which is amazing!

My local Superdrug only had these four in stock however I will eventually go back to look for Mint Fresha and Cherry Me which are the two I'm currently missing :C. Out of the four I purchased two are tinted and two are not! The tint is very sheer and pretty and goes perfectly on an everyday make up look:)
(Top pink line is Pink Punch and bottom line is Peach Kiss)
Each comes in colourful and contrasting packaging which looks so pretty and attractive. The shape is pretty simple like a standard lip balm shape however its super easy to apply and makes me lips feel really soft and hydrated:] Each one smells amazing and each one is completely different even the untinted ones! However if I even attempted to describe the scent it would definitely be an understatement, so if you wanna know the smell TRY IT YOUR SELF! 
The downsides I've found about these is that the tinted ones have no SPF :C Which is a shame however it's not a massive 'blip'. However I find my self having to reapply quite a lot to maintain the hydration but its manageable however I'm still undecided whether it beats my Nivea Lip care in Soft rose and Pearly shine.

Hope you enjoyed my post and please tell me your views on Baby Lips either in the comments or if you did a blog post please link me as I'd love to read it!<3
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Ps I've unfortunately already done the liebster award  But I'd like to thank for nominating me! Check out her blog xxx


Sunday, 18 August 2013

6 cute ways to style your hair for a casual lunch date! (Plus my outfit!)

So this is my first ever hair post! yay:D So here are 6 ways to have your hair for a casual date or school/college or even hanging out with friends c: Firstly I'm going to apologise for the photo quality as I had to use my phone as my camera died :(

1. Natural and left down!

Never ever doubt about this hair style! Simply because there's so much you can do with it! Leave it natural, straighten it, curl it add hair accessories, back comb it or just have down one side. There are plenty of combinations with this look and doesn't require much work!
2. Pony tail!

I'm going to stress the same point about how simple yet versatile a pony tail can be! You can style yours up high or down low, curly or straight, to side left or right, have it done neatly or have a messy edge to it, fringe or no fringe? More many combinations to suit your personal style and the occasion :)

3. Bun!

I find buns so cute and easy to achieve and no two buns ever go the same! It fun experimenting whether I want a high bun or low bun? Doughnut bun? Messy bun? You can simply never get bored or look the same with a bun:D

4. Bow Bun

So its like a bun but with a little twist by making it in to a bow! And it is so adorable I love it! This can be done neatly or a little bit messier however it's down to personal choice:) But this hair style is so easy to achieve I love it c:

5. Plait/Braid

A normal plait/braid are super easy and look super cute! Can be worn either side or just down the middle. They can be two or neat or messy, again this is just one of those hair styles you can have a lot of fun messing around with :}

6. Fishtail plait/braid

Similar to the last hair style just plaited/braided differently, I find the fishtail plait/braid to be a lot more prettier than a normal plait/braid however it can also be gently pulled apart to give it a more edgy look! It's also super easy to achieve and doesn't take a lot of time:]

And there we have it 6 ways to have your hair for a casual occasion! woop woop:D

And finally..


 So I'm wearing this super adorable bird print top I got from an Ebay store! (find this here). I find this top to be casual yet cute which is perfect for the lunch date I'm going on tomorrow c:
And for my bottom half I'm wearing my favourite light wash jean shorts from select! I wore my top tucked in but other may prefer it left out but its down to personal choice :]

For my arm candy I'm wearing this pretty silver bracelet I got from Asda's to actually wear for prom and it a £6 :D
Finally my necklace was this amazing gold zig zag one my mum gave to me a very long time ago and I still love it today :}

I annoyingly didn't get any pictures of shoes however I'd either wear some cute flats or my black converses depending on how I'm feeling.
Comment below your favourite hair style! (Mainly due to the fact I actually do ave a lunch date tommorow and I still haven't decided on how to have my hair ahh!)
If you have any requests on how I did a certain hair style or just a random request please comment below!
Until next timeeee