Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Well prom went as well as I've ever dreamt it to be! Being all dressed up, taking lots of pictures, having a formal meal with all my friends and then dancing the night away! It was absolutely wonderful and so good to be able to share one last night with everyone together<3

And of course there was the after party, which was just as great! It again had many of my school friends there dancing and the drinking ehe... which led to me getting very drunk very quick -.- but I did have some fun dancing although the strobe light really got to me after a while. And then there was the cold tiring walk back home at 6/7am in the morning after spending all that time at prom and partying I was absolutely exhausted and ready to crash out and sleep, which what was exactly what I did :)

anyway here's some pictures:

Until next time..
                         Kira :} xxx