Wednesday, 3 July 2013


If you couldn't already tell but I'm very VERY excited for this Friday as its Prom 
After all these months of planning, stressing and panic buying, for one night we can just let it all go and have a wonderful time! And the plus side is we all get to dress up fancy, have a sit down meal and throw some shapes on the dance floor(;

I absolutely can't wait to get all dressed up in my prom dress, although I think I'm more excited about seeing everyone else dressed up! Either way I'm sure everyone is going to look great:}I guess the one 'blip' is that everyone is making a fuss over making a 'grand entrance'. As for someone like me I'd rather keep it simple by turning up in a nice convertible:) after all its just a short drive in.

On the plus side there's also an after party going on so I'm going to be absolutely knackered and drained the next day, but this is after all going to be a night to remember! Gonna miss all of my friends from Crookhorn 2008-2013 so let's have one final blast together!

Photo's will be uploaded verrrrry soon! CAN'T WAIT AH!:D

Until next time chummy's

                                      Kira xxx