Sunday, 28 July 2013


Soooooo how's it going?

For me its all well and there has been some changes in my life, one of them is having a job! Which is wonderful as I've met new people and earning some decent money however I'm now dealing with balancing my social life in the gaps of my days off which is proving difficult as my hours go up.

I have also got a new piercing, as I finally took the plunge and pierced my tongue (which I paid with my first wage). And so far I'm loving it even though its still swollen, I just love ordering new tongue bars online from my first ever Ebay account C:

(not my tongue:p)
But I am hoping to make more changes very soon, some new clothes, make up and new hair colour sounds good to me:D

Until next time..

Kira xxx

Monday, 15 July 2013


So even though it may not be that exciting for you to read but on Friday I opened my first bank account yay money! But the real reason was because on Sunday 14th July I got a JOB! YAY!

After all the stressful searching, applying and CV's blah blah blahh! I finally got a job as one of the floor staff at a restaurant/bar:) which is great as they are really flexible when it comes to days and hours I can work during summer and even when I start college, which is a massive plus and really helpful for me c:

My first shift is on Wednesday so wish me luck!

Until next time..:D
Kira xxx

Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Well prom went as well as I've ever dreamt it to be! Being all dressed up, taking lots of pictures, having a formal meal with all my friends and then dancing the night away! It was absolutely wonderful and so good to be able to share one last night with everyone together<3

And of course there was the after party, which was just as great! It again had many of my school friends there dancing and the drinking ehe... which led to me getting very drunk very quick -.- but I did have some fun dancing although the strobe light really got to me after a while. And then there was the cold tiring walk back home at 6/7am in the morning after spending all that time at prom and partying I was absolutely exhausted and ready to crash out and sleep, which what was exactly what I did :)

anyway here's some pictures:

Until next time..
                         Kira :} xxx

Wednesday, 3 July 2013


If you couldn't already tell but I'm very VERY excited for this Friday as its Prom 
After all these months of planning, stressing and panic buying, for one night we can just let it all go and have a wonderful time! And the plus side is we all get to dress up fancy, have a sit down meal and throw some shapes on the dance floor(;

I absolutely can't wait to get all dressed up in my prom dress, although I think I'm more excited about seeing everyone else dressed up! Either way I'm sure everyone is going to look great:}I guess the one 'blip' is that everyone is making a fuss over making a 'grand entrance'. As for someone like me I'd rather keep it simple by turning up in a nice convertible:) after all its just a short drive in.

On the plus side there's also an after party going on so I'm going to be absolutely knackered and drained the next day, but this is after all going to be a night to remember! Gonna miss all of my friends from Crookhorn 2008-2013 so let's have one final blast together!

Photo's will be uploaded verrrrry soon! CAN'T WAIT AH!:D

Until next time chummy's

                                      Kira xxx