Saturday, 29 June 2013

Thorpe Park

Sooooo as a start of many adventures to come during my summer holidays, James and I went to Thorpe Park for his birthday! It was such a lovely day and the weather was awesome. So anyway it all started with a 6am start which is not good when you go to bed at 3am the night before..

But we still managed to get up and ready and start the two hour train journey up to Chertsey which again was a tiring process yet on the way there I did bump into my old friend Jess who happens to live 20 minutes away from Thorpe park :D

Over all it was hot day which led us to going on two water rides and even going on one twice:') But we did tackle Saw, Rush, Vortex, Stealth, Nemesis Inferno, Slammer, X, Zodiac, Loggers Leap, Rumba Rapids and Storm in a Teacup! It was a brilliant day spent with a brilliant person, I love you James:3 <3

Until next time... :D   

                                 Kira xxxx