Sunday, 16 June 2013


Rightio first post here we goooo B00M! So I have officially left school now, even though I have to come back for 3 last exams then that's it! 13 years of education over and its off to college! But hey there's still prom which is going to be a blast I know it!

However the sad part of leaving is not only am I going to miss so many people and teachers, but knowing my best friend is going to another college :( It's heart breaking knowing we're no longer going to have lessons together or ever be as close as we were at school! But no matter what we promised to remain best friends and still see each other as much as possible! So Beth if you're reading this ily<3
(From left Beth, Myself)
But since I now have 2 months worth of summer and free time I decided to start this blog to record all the adventures I happen to get up to before college! I reckon it would be great fun creating some kind of an online diary of events ;D  

Until next time,
Kira xxxx